Why repairing a vacuum is good for the enviroment

Did you know as well as repairing vacuum cleaners we also service and repair them?

This isn't only good for you but its also good for the environment by cutting down on unnecessary materials being used and less land fill waste. Repairing a vacuum cleaner can consist of use of new hoses/motors/filters etc, Buying new means you need all that plus nasty plastics that takes years to disintegrate! 

The average repair on a vacuum cleaner is between £50-£75 depending on what needs doing to it (Can be cheaper can be more expensive) So instead of throwing £300 at a vacuum cleaner you aren't even sure you'll like why not repair your old trustworthy cleaner?

Call us today for more information on 01623 629788, with over 100 years combined experience we will be able to assist you in the best possible way. We are also the only local Dyson Premier dealer!  

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