Why is Sebo one of the best Vacuum cleaners around?

Overview of Sebo as a company:

SEBO is still the world's largest manufacturer of commercial upright vacuum cleaners and boasts a presence in over 20 countries. SEBO is still a family business with a real care for the design and manufacture of the products it makes. SEBO has become an established brand name in the retail market, winning many accolades from consumer magazines e.g. Good Housekeeping, WHICH?, Ideal Homes and many others for the quality, performance and reliability of its vacuum cleaners. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are of anti-allergy design, indeed a SEBO machine was the first vacuum cleaner to be endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation for its overall anti-allergy design as opposed to just its filtration.

SEBO vacuum cleaners are all still made in Germany and the commitment to quality is as firm as ever, explaining why ever since first being included, SEBO has been the most reliable upright brand on the market according to WHICH? Magazine.


What do we think to Sebo Vacuum cleaners at Radford Vac Centre?

It's quite simple really, in short, We love them! 

We find it very difficult to say anything about any of the Sebo models. The upright and Cylinder Versions are extremely quiet compared to some other competitors and have far super suction to many vacuums mass produced on the market. They filter air to hospital standards and are loved by the good house keep club!

Although they're a bagged machine typically in normal hose a use a full pack of £9.99 bags will last 12 months! That's cheaper than changing filters in a bag less vacuum!  

Although priced higher than many brands such as Vax and Hoover they still typically come in under the price of the likes of Miele and Dyson. 

Yes it is true the upright machines are not the lightest machines at all but the automatic heads make it a complete dream to use and manoeuvre and once in use doesn't seem heavy at all. The tools are easy to use and work really well on upholstery. 

Now although hard to come out with negatives there are a few - They seem to be heavy when not in use, and can some times look dated making them not appeal to many people. However the latest Black X4 (as seen below) looks in our opinion very stylish and new. We also think looks can be deceiving as the job of a vacuum is to clean and prolong the life of your flooring. 

 Look below to see our score chart on how we think Sebo as a company overall perform: 

Detail:  Out of Ten:
5 Year Warranty  10 (Very helpful customer service)
Suction power 10
Input 10
Dust capacity  10
Filtration 10
Weight 8
Accessories 9
Unique features  10
Usability 9
Price 8
Overall score out of 100 94


94 out 100 is probably the best score you will see us do for any product, and is why we highly recommend the cleaners produced by Sebo. Keep an eye out as we test and score more makes and models of cleaners in the near future! 

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