Tear-drop bearing & Drum shaft kit for tumble dryers

by Radvac
  • Drum shaft & bearing repair kit for many Hotpoint / Creda / Indesit tumble dryers
  • To fit Ariston:,  Ale60,Ale60Vfr,As60,As60Vag,As60Vex,As60Vex60,As60Vexpai,As60Vsk,As60Vxaus,As65Vxsna,As66Vxna,Asl60,Asl60Vex,Asl65Vxsna,Asl70, Asl70Cxaus,Asl75,Asl75Cxna,Sle62, ,Creda:, Tcr2,Tdv62,Tvr2,Tvs3,Tvu1, ,Hotpoint:,V3D01P,Td00G,Vtd00,Vtd00P,Vtd00T,Vtd20, Vtd20G,Vtd20P,Vtd20T,Vtd60, Vtd60G,Vtd60P,Vtd60T,Vtd65,Vtd65A, ,Indesit:,Is60V,Is60Vexpai,Is60Vnl,Is60Vs,Is60Vsk,Is60Vu,Isl60,Isl60V,Isl60Vex,Isl60Vnl,Isl60Vsk, VTD00 VTD20 VTD60 (Self Tapped type only)
  • Self Tapped Bearing Kit (not compatible with Riveted Kit)
  • Kit contains drum shaft - front bearing pads - washer and fixing pin - drum shaft fixing screws and rear drum bearing (This kit has the "tear drop" bearing
  • Manufacturers names & Numbers are for Reference purposes only

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