Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 661BL Combi

by Nilfisk
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Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 661BL Combi battery powered scrubber dryer suitable for cleaning large areas - 530mm cleaning width - 42 litre tanks - 152kg - Versatile, robust, reliable extremely quiet and advanced ergonomics
  • Battery powered - suitable for large cleaning areas - 530mm cleaning width
  • 42 litre tanks - Weight with batteries: 152kg - Low noise - Versatile
  • Squeegee adjustment without the use of tools - Interchangeable squeegee blades
  • Models available with or without on board charger - Large solution filter

Named the SCRUBTEC 6 series, this range of machines offers a choice of scrubbing widths. Apart from the interchangeable brush deck, other features include an exceptionally low noise level, adjustable scrubbing pressure and dashboard that is designed to reduce typical operator errors. Suitable for easy, efficient floor cleaning in hospitals, retail outlets, manufacturing plants, car dealers, garages, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and other locations where it is important that floors are kept clean. Specifications SCRUBTEC 661 MOTOR POWER SOURCE Battery 24V MAX SPEED (KM/H) 5.6 RATED POWER (W) 1230 BRUSH MOTOR (W) 2x350 TRACTION MOTOR POWER (W) 200 VACUUM MOTOR POWER (W) 330 AIRFLOW (L/SEC) 25.3 VACUUM (KPA) 11 PRODUCTIVITY RATE THEORETICAL/ ACTUAL (M²/H) 3420/2055 SCRUBBING WIDTH (MM) 610 WATER FLOW (L/M) 0.55-1.1 TANK CAPACITY, SOLUTION/RECOVERY (L) 55/55 SQUEEGEE WIDTH (MM) 810 BRUSH PRESSURE (KG) 20/40 BRUSH SPEED (RPM) 230 BRUSH SIZE (MM) 2x305 LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT (CM) 131x65x105

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