Indesit Hotpoint Ariston Creda Fridge Freezer Installation Kit

by Hotpoint
Complete door fixing kit used on built in or integrated fridges, freezers and fridge freezers

This kit includes all that you need to fix the outer wooden door to the fridge or freezer door and is supplied with both slides, brackets as well as the required screws and washers etc. 

The kit includes two slides, two brackets, up to fourteen screws, two bolts and four washers allowing you to attach one door. You will need one kit per door to be fitted.

Hotpoint Fridge & Freezer

HL161I, HM315FF, HT232I, HZ201, HL232I, HM315I, HT303I, INF140GIUK, HM312I, HMS313I, HZ141, KHM315FF, HM325FF

Indesit Fridge & Freezer

GE160I, INC3100G, IN-E-160G, IN-F-140G, INC265AIUK, INC3100G.1, IN-E160GNEW, IN-F-140G.1, IN-C-300, INC3100G.1UK, INE160GUK, INF140GIUK, INC3100EU, IN-E-160, IN-F-140, INF140GUK

Ariston Fridge & Freezer

1400KUP, A2060, BCS313AVEIUK, KME160E, 140KUP, A2061, BF141UK, K-ME160L/I, 1600(ARI), A2062, BF201UK, KME161UK, 170KME, A2062/1, BO1610IUK, KME170UK, 93410, A2062/2, BO2320AIUK, K-ME230L/I, 93410., BC311I, BO2324AIUK, K-MF230L/I, 93420, BC312AIUK, BO3034VUK, KMF300L, 93420., BCS311, KDF2800, KMF300V, 93430, BCS312A, KDF2800UK, KMG1600EPS, 93430., BCS312AS, KDF280UK, KMG160E, KNF280UK, KUP141UK, OKMF230L, OKUP140, KRF300UK, KUP200, OKMF300L, OK-UP140EU.1, KRF310, OKDF290NFLEU, OKMF300VL, SKME130UK, KRF3100EU, OKME160L, OK-MF30VLB, SKUP100UK, KRF330VED, OKME160LNEW, OKMG230L(EU), KUP140UK, OKME230L, OKRF3100AL/I, KUP141D, OK-ME230LNEW, OKRF3100L

Creda Fridge & Freezer


New World Fridge & Freezer

RFE14012, RFE14013NW, RFE14014NW

Scholtes World Fridge & Freezer

CC1345, R220, RF1605, RF2235, R160, R223, RF1615, R161, RC2445, RF1635, R163, RC2845, RF2205

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