Dyson Big Ball Animal Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - Satin & Purple

by Dyson
Sold out

Key Features

  • Bagless cleaning - easy to empty and no bags to buy
  • 800 Watts of power
  • Gives great results on both hard floors and carpets
  • HEPA filters remove allergens from the air in your home
  • Comes with a handy tool for corners and crevices

Product Overview

For less hassle and better results, this cylinder vacuum cleaner from Dyson delivers bagless cleaning – so you never have to worry about losing suction or replacing bags. With 800 Watts of power, this model provides brilliant cleaning on both hard floors and carpets. The HEPA filtration system is great for allergy sufferers. It removes particles of dust and pollen from the air in your home as you vacuum, meaning you’ll be able to breathe more easily. There’s also a handy crevice tool that’s perfect for cleaning in narrow, hard-to-reach areas.

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