Carbon Brush set to fit Neff Hotpoint & Zanussi

by Radvac

High Quality replacement Carbon Motor Brush set made by Radvac to fit : 

IWDD7123SUK, IWB5123UKE, IWC6145UKE, IWD7145KUK, IWDD7123UK, IWB6113UK, IWD5123UK, IWD7145KUKE, IWDD7143SUK, IWB6123UK, IWD5123UKE, IWD7145SUK, IWDD7143UK, IWB6123UKE, IWD6125UK, IWD7145SUKE, IWDE12UK, IWC6125SUK, IWD6125UKE, IWD7145UK, IWDE7125BUK, IWC6125SUKE, IWD61450UK, IWD7145UKE, IWDE7125SUK, IWC6125UK, IWD61450UKE, IWDC6125SUK, IWDE7145BUK, IWDE7145KUK, W101UK/B, W93UK/B, WDG985WG, IWDE7145SUK, W103UK/A, WA105UK, WE10UK, IWE7145KUK, W103UK/B, WA115UK, WE16SUK, IWSC5125UK, W103UKBG, WA155UK, WE16UK, IWC6145UK, IWD71250UKE, PWC7143SUK, W113UK/A, WD10UK, WG1030G, PWC7143WUK, W113UK/B, IWB5113UK, IWC6125UKE, IWD71250SUK, IWDC6125UK, IWB5123UK, IWC6133UK, IWD71250UK, IWDC6143UK, IWB5123UKB, WDG1095GH(G), WG1030GT, PWDC7142WUK, W123UK(BG)/M, WDG1095WG, WG1030PG, PWDC7143WUK, W161UK, WDG1195WG/1, WG1033TG, SIXL125SEU, W83UK, WDG1295WG, WG1033TPG, W101UK/A, W93UK/A, WDG985BG, WG1034TG, WG1034TPG, WG1233TG, WG833PG, WIDL126SUK, WG1085WG, WG1234TG, WG920PG, WIDL126UK, WG1086G, WG1239TSG, WG924PG, WIDL146UK, WG1130DUK, WG1286G, WG9P(G), WIDXL126SUK, WG1130TG, WG1386W(G), WI101UK, WIDXL126UK, WG1130TPG, WG1436T(G), WIA101UK, WIE127UK, WG113DUK, WG2020WG, WIA111UK, WIE137SUK, WG1230(GF)G, WG820G, WIA121UK, WIE147UKCO, WG1230G, WG820PG, WIDE127UK, WIE147UKTE, WIL163UK, WIXL123SUK1Y, WN1196WG, WIL133UKTEV, WIXE127UK, WG1230GFG, WG830TPG, WIDL102UK, WIE147UKTEV, WIE157SUK, WIL143SUK, WIXE127UKTEV, WIXL123UK, WIE167UK, WIL143UK, WIXE127UKV, WIXL126UK, WIL113UKBG, WIL143UKTE, WIXL1200OTUK, WIXL126UKV, WIL113UKTE, WIL144SPUK, WIXL123SUK, WIXL143UK, WIL123SUK, WIL153UK, WIXL123SUK.1, WIXXE127UK.C, WIL133UKCO, WIL163SUK, WIXL123SUK/Y, WIXXE127UK.R, WIL133UKTE

If your model is not listed and you want to check if these will fit your model please call us on 01623 629788

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