Bionaire Ultrasonic Humidifier With Humidistat & Night Light

by Bionaire
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Product Description

The Bionaire® brand is committed to pure indoor living. As a company, we are pioneers and perfectionists, innovators and idealists. Our team is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, innovation and design to create exceptional products to help you perfect your home environment. You may spend up to 90% of your free time indoors, and you and your family deserve exceptional purity, comfort and freshness in your indoor environment. Offering an ideal balance of form and function, Bionaire® products help you transform the air inside your home, keeping your family comfortable and ensuring that your indoor environment is healthful, revitalizing and pure. Experience Pure Indoor Living with Bionaire®. Bionaire™ humidifiers help to alleviate the effects of dry air with pure, soothing mist. Moisture is essential for comfort and wellness. Maintaining the proper moisture level in your home is essential for pure indoor living. Too little moisture can cause dry skin, scratchy throat and itchy eyes. Too much may encourage mould, dust mites and other allergens. The answer? Easily control the level of moisture in your home with Bionaire™ humidifiers and dehumidifiers. In cold winter months or in arid climates, dry air can cause dry skin, chapped lips and worsen cold and flu symptoms. Your electronics, musical instruments, furniture and wall coverings can also suffer if the atmosphere does not provide adequate moisture. In these cases, a humidifier can help balance your indoor environment, making your home a more comfortable, healthy and enjoyable place throughout the year. Humidifiers gently disperse moisture into your home environment, alleviating dry air and making your home more comfortable throughout the year. In arid regions or during the dry winter months, dry indoor air can be detrimental to your home and your family’s well-being: What humidifiers do and why this is important? Add moisture in dry months: Maintain a healthy level of humidity throughout the year, helping to reduce dust and bacteria Relieve effects of dry air and hay fever symptoms: Moisture helps relieve dry skin and eyes, coughs and scratchy throat … helping you breathe better and sleep more comfortably. Reduce static electricity: Beneficial to people, computers and other home electronics. Maintain your home’s interior: Consistent moisture level protects wood floors, plant life, and even furniture, musical instruments, paint and wallpaper. Increase freshness: Adding humidity can increase the freshness in your home, alleviating stale “indoor air.” Lower energy bills: Moist air feels warmer than dry air, so you can set your thermostat lower while still feeling warm and comfortable. How they Work; There are two primary types of Bionaire™ humidifiers – Warm Mist and Ultrasonic. Warm Mist models produce warm, soothing visible mist for added comfort during cold winter months. A gentle heating process traps impurities, releasing clean warm vapour into the air. The one Bionaire™ model offers a medicine cup to disperse inhalants, as such to help relieve sore throats and chesty coughs. Ultrasonic humidifiers produce fine, lighter mist that quickly disperses humidity into the room. In these models, a transducer vibrates water at ultrasonic speed to break it down, producing pure, refreshing visible cool mist. Ultrasonic models are quiet, refreshing and low-maintenance. Additional features: Look for these added features on your Bionaire™ humidifiers. Humidistat – Either Built-in or stand-alone, a humidity thermostat measures the moisture in the air and you can either manually or automatically disperse moisture to achieve the humidity you desire. The New Bionaire™ BU6000-060 Ultrasonic Humidifier is a NEW addition to the range, it is a simple, compact and quiet unit. With a variable control dial you can easily adjust the humidity in your room to meet that of your desired level. To monitor the humidity in your room a stand-alone Humidistat is supplied to help you create your perfect environment. A blue night light is built into the base of the water tank making it perfect if used in a child's room. If the light is a distraction the unit can be turned around to face a wall, and the exit nozzle adjusted for the steam to face into the room.

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