The All New Sebo X7 Vacuum Cleaner What We Know So Far

Sebos all new latest creation and what we know so far. Sebo will be doing away with the X1.1, X4, X4eco, X4 Extra, X4 Pet machines. This is partly due to the new European laws restricting the wattage of Vacuum Cleaner Motors, and partly due to a brand new look for Sebos upright vacuum cleaners. 

We have been lucky enough to have the all new Sebo drop in our shop for an exclusive look! 

The Cleaner arrived in this very secretive black out bag so we decided to snap a photo of it on our Sebo stand! 

The All New Sebo x7 Vacuum Cleaner Mansfield Nottingham Derby Chesterfield Ilkeston


So what do we know about the all new Sebo X7? 

  • 890w motor (just under the new EU laws)
  • Dirt Finder Light On The X7 Pet Model Only
  • Bagged Vacuum As Always With Sebo
  • Completely New Look Vacuum 
  • High Build Quality - Brass Parts As Apposed To Competitors Plastic Parts
  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • Exhaust Filter Is Now A Pocket Filter For Better Filtration And Noise Reduction
  • Quieter Than Previous Models
  • Automatic Height Adjusting Head 
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Price Will Be Increased From Old Model (Get your old stock at cheaper prices while stocks last from -- HERE -- 
  •  Allergy Council Approved


Now for some photos of what the all new Sebo X7 will look like ... 


The All New Sebo X7 Vacuum Cleaner Radford Vac Centre Mansfield Nottingham Derby Ilkeston

The All New Sebo X7 Vacuum Cleaner Radford Vac Centre Mansfield Nottingham Derby Chesterfield

The New Sebo X7 Range In Full Radford Vac Centre Mansfield Nottingham Derby Chesterfield


Remember these will be going up in cost on release so get your old model here for a cheaper price HERE

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Radford Vac Centre - October 31, 2017

Hello Harry, Thank you for your comments.
The one thing that can be said for Sebo is they will never skimp when it comes to quality.
If you are worried about the change in wattage to the motor, i wouldn’t be it will still have the same amazing suction power as the old ones,
However, if you are purely after a new cleaner and have decided Sebo is going to be best for you, and you aren’t really all that bothered regarding the LED light on the head, i’d say snap an old one up for the cheaper price while you can!

Harry Salmon - October 31, 2017

Wow i love the new LED light on the front!
What would you suggest buying the older one at the cheaper price or hanging around for the new one?
I’m desperate to get a new Sebo and i’m not sure which one to get? Any advice would be great! :D

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